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I want to encourage everyone to go vote for the Hero Vet and Hero Vet Tech Awards!! 

Feel free to read the bios and vote for whoever you like, but I have to put in my plug for the special woman in the photo here.  This is Signe Corbin.  She was the head tech at Westlake Animal Hospital when I started working there in 2007.  She hired me on the spot when I nailed a blood draw, even though I got flak for not arriving with a Philly Cheese steak in hand (I’d just moved from there)!

Signe had been working as a tech there for 22 years at that time.  She knows as much as any doctor I have met, and pushes all her techs to expand their knowledge base every day.  She is universally known as ‘The Pug Lady,’ because her passion for bettering the health of this breed through knowledge and good medicine knows no bounds.  She is the medical director of the Austin Pug Rescue, which she helped to found.  She has grown the client base of over 400 pug patients single-handedly (that number was 4 years ago when I left) by attending pug meetups and networking with owners.  She eventually stepped down from her supervisory role because her pug work was too demanding and her ultimate life’s work.

She is known for wowing her clients by providing the ultimate in Pug Spas (bath, ear cleaning, fold cleaning, nail grind, teeth cleaning, and personalized bandanna), educating clients with a sharp wit, and ultimate compassion that extends to transporting rescue pugs to and from the emergency clinic as often as is needed.  She also creates the most amazingly creative costumes and memes for her favorite pugs, Darby and Sharky Scooter McScoots (pictured above).

I have no idea how she does it, but she’s a huge part of the reason that I chose to pursue vet school.  And now I have a passion for taking care of brachycephalic breeds to the highest standards!  She is truly a hero vet tech, as anyone who has ever met her will confirm.  


"To my best girl- happy birthday angel. Love you Ash."


Happy Birthday Ashley Tisdale! (2-07-14)

Thanks Ashley for 8 years of unforgettable moments, laughs and tears, of joy and sorrow, for teaching us to believe in ourselves. Thanks for 8 years to be with us and stay in the same way, a genuine girl who never pretends to be someone else.

"Believe in yourself and stay true to who you are".

Dianna Agron attends “A Series of Alarming Women” by David Foote Opening Reception on June 23, 2014 [x]

"She’s my sister, she would never hurt me.”

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"Actually, I prefer to be called Ruler of All That is Evil but I will answer to Satan"